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Channels visualizes communication between individuals providing revolutionary new insights

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Our product offers the ability to spearhead any event by ensuring that there is communication throughout and allowing for automated management and supervision of employees

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Powerful Dashboard to Capture All Your Live Data

Our dashboard offers you powerful insights involving the live developments of your events, enabling you to visualize the success of your events and effortlessly manage them


Channels simplifies the process of managing any event of personnel, integrating seamlessly into many of the most popular enterprise applications.


Frequently Asked

How does it actually work?

Through natural language processing, we aggregate data of company personnel to track live developments. As such, managers can passively monitor events and visualize disturbances or issues that arise during events while supervising employees. Our product automatically notifies region-based employees of these issues with assignments of in-depth tasks to fix them.

How can my team benefit from this?

Through 15 international trials in diverse industry domains, we have increased event management and coordination efficiency by 47%. We alleviate active management and communication issues by 73%.

How does my team use it?

We offer integration into several of the most popular enterprise applications with the most popular listed on our integrations page. Each employee at an event will be registered to your team’s dashboard where our AI-powered engine will automatically detect their tasks at hand and attach itself to the given event.

How much does this product cost?

Please email for more information on pricing and equitable packages.

Is there a demo or trial version?

Yes! Please reach out to and we can provide you with a demo trial of the product.